5 Things You Should Do for Spring Cleaning

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As spring is wrapping up, I realized I haven’t done my annual spring cleaning yet! Since that will be on my list this week, I am sharing some of my tips for spring cleaning. It’s one of those chores I have a love/hate relationship with. I love knowing my drawers and closets are decluttered and dust-free. It’s almost like a weight has been lifted once this project is complete. However, it’s a huge pain getting to that point. Having a baby around who loves making messes doesn’t help my cause either.

Spring Cleaning – Start with a Deep Clean

Before I start emptying out drawers and closets, I dust everything. It’s the absolute worst when you are taking items off shelves to re-arrange or toss and dust flies off with them. If you have allergies like me, then this is doubly annoying. This usually takes the longest, but it’s so nice when the house smells like lemon fresh Pledge. I normally devote a day to this step as it is rather exhausting. I usually include ‘rearranging decor’ in this step. It’s always refreshing to move items around or from room to room to have a fresh look for spring! Last year I moved most of my decor items to the office from the living room and vice versa. Each room looked completely new! My favorite items to add for decor are coffee table books. I have linked some of my favorites:

Spring Cleaning – Clean out those Bags

I don’t know about you, but I keep anything and everything in my purses. It’s not like girls have one bag these days. I know I have quite a few and use them all throughout the week. Each pursed gets emptied out and the insides are wiped with a damp cloth. I also turn my bags upside down and bang on the bottom to get rid of all crumbs and dirt. It’s amazing what comes out of my bags when I do this. I never put food in my bags either so I don’t really understand this one. Since there’s always a reason to buy a new bag, I have linked some of my favorites for spring:

Spring Cleaning – Sorting Drawers and Closets

This step can take me multiple weekends. I go through all my drawers and folders and throw out any papers I no longer need. I usually keep receipts, but unless its tax related, I toss everything after one year. Since I cook a lot, I also sort through any recipes I cut out from magazines and scan them into Dropbox. Once all the drawers in the house are clean, I head to my closet. The closet clean is so difficult for me. I hate getting rid of things as everything I have stirs up some memory. I also never know when a trend is going to come back around and I will kick myself for getting rid of an item.

My closet is sorted by category – day dresses, cocktail dresses, long sleeve tops, outer-wear, short sleeves and tanks. I go through each category and pick out items that I haven’t worn in a year. If I really don’t think I will ever wear it again, it goes in the charity pile. If I think it could come back in style, I will keep it for another few months and then decide.ย Next I go through my closet again to look for items that I may have worn in the last year, but are definitely out of style. My charity pile is usually pretty large by the end of this process.

While I do regularly purge my closet, there are generally 5 items that I will always have in there:

Spring Cleaning – Gifted Items

Everyone has those trinkets that were gifts, but are hidden away until the gifter comes to visit. If you have any items like this, toss them. They are only taking up space and you can replace them with something you may love. I found some fun decor items that would be great to add to any house:

Spring Cleaning – Buy some Plants and Pillows

I love adding plants to any room as it brings new life! This is perfect for spring cleaning! I also love greenery as part of my decor. I don’t usually do this for every room in the house, but you could. A new plant helps brighten the room up. My next decor tip is to add a new throw pillow or two. I like mixing it up with some different colors or keep the same color scheme and add some patterned or textured pillows. Just adding new pillows to a room gives it a whole new feel for spring! Here are some plants and pillow options:

What are some of your spring cleaning rituals or tips?



PS – I have to disclose that while I do add plants to my house, they are fake plants about 99% of the time.

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  • Kim S

    Great post! I always have so much fun cleaning out my purses. I’ll find random cash in there, lipsticks I’ve been missing for ages, and sometimes candy. It’s like Christmas – lol!


    • Teresa

      Thank you so much Kim!! I always find so much in my purses when I clean them. It’s a little scary. Haha. xo ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Michelle

    Such great tips! I can so relate to keeping everything and anything in my purses and to needing to have fake plants in the house because I canโ€™t keep real plants alive. Lol!

    • Teresa

      Thanks so much Michelle! My purses are always such a mess. They are clean for now but it won’t last long. xo ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Courtney

    Spring cleaning makes me feel so good! Love these tips and these gorgeous finds! I really love coffee table books!


    • Teresa

      Thanks so much Courtney! I love buying new coffee table books! I have so many in my house. Haha. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Samary

    So right about the bags! I am the worst, I have receipts in them from like 2 years ago! ( a mess!) i also love the plants suggestion but i am a serial plant killer ( i canโ€™t win ๐Ÿ™


    • Teresa

      Haha I know! It’s so crazy how many receipts I find in my bags. I also kill plants so while I do add greenery to my house – it’s always fake plants. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Arielle Ralha

    Oh god! I so dread doing my spring cleaning every year! i deff am a hoarder!

    • Teresa

      Haha I am so bad! I am the worst with papers. I have so much stacked up for some reason. I still need to finish going through my closet. I have so many really old pieces.