5 Travel Must-Haves for a Summer Getaway

Summer is finally here! Enter long sunny days, cook-outs and summer getaways. I know I am not the only one prepping for summer getaways, so I wanted to put together my list of ‘5 travel must-haves’. While there are a million more items that could probably be on this list, these are the items I have to pack for my summer getaways. I am skipping first aid type products as those aren’t fun to write about. For the record though, I never travel without Neosporin and allergy medicine.

Growing up, my family never took summer vacations – ever. My parents are such home-bodies, but I am the complete opposite. I love seeing new things and have a travel ‘to-do’ list that is a mile long! My husband and I try to go on at least a few vacations a year. He likes to repeat travel destinations while I always want to see something new. We make it work though and thankfully have a few summer getaways already planned for June!

With all the traveling I have done as an adult, I feel like I have this packing thing pretty well figured out (minus packing for a toddler). I remember wanting to bring everything in my closet on my first grown up trip, but have since streamlined my whole packing process. While I sometimes still pack too much, there are a few travel must-haves that will always be in my bag for the summer.

Travel Bag

travel must-haves travel must-haves travel must-haves

You can’t take the perfect summer trip without the perfect travel bag. I have had the Lo and Sons weekender bag for a few years now and never go on a trip without it. It is amazing and can fit everything I need. Despite the name, it does work for longer than ‘a weekend trip’. It has a separate compartment for shoes too. I love that I can carry this bag on a plane and it will hold my purse so I only have one carry-on. My purses never are checked in my suitcase so any fancy clutches also go in this bag which never leaves my side.

First Aid Beauty

travel must-haves

I am always trying new skincare in my everyday life, but I stick to the same brand for travel. My face was always extra dry on trips and I used to end up with break-outs as soon as I came back home from vacation. This all stopped when I started using First Aid Beauty products on trips. The moisturizer is a lifesaver whenever we travel to dry climates! I highly recommend these products for all my travel friends!

Blanket or Sweater

I am cold all the time. If there is a light breeze, I will have the goosebumps and require a jacket. I can’t really help it since I was born and raised in Florida. Somehow skiing is still my favorite type of vacation. Anyway, I never travel without a small blanket or sweater (even in the summer). Sometimes I bring both. If you are flying somewhere, this blanket is the best as it is small enough to carry on and also keeps you nice and toasty. If you are like me and need a light sweater, I found a few that would be perfect and linked below.

Day to Night Outfits

When taking summer trips, I like to travel light. This means I need a couple outfits to work for the entire trip. Thankfully most summer destinations are relatively casual, so taking a day outfit to evening isn’t a huge challenge. I also always bring a sweater for the evening as this can dress up a look and keep me warm. It also ensures the sweater is efficiently used on vacation. A good idea for a day to night look is to buy a dress that can work as a cover-up or is casual enough for a pool day. I would add a t-shirt over it for the day to keep it casual. Then remove the t-shirt and add dressier sandals for the evening. Bam – two outfits in one. I have a couple outfits picked out for you below:


While the point of vacation is to rest and enjoy the locale, everyone ultimately needs some form of entertainment. For me, I like to bring books or download books on my kindle. Reading is such a luxury anymore since my one year old doesn’t really appreciate it when I am not giving him my full attention. My goal is to read at least one book on vacation this month! I am sharing some books on my list so if you read them before I do, hit me up with some comments!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Let me know if you have any other travel must-haves for your summer getaways!



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  • Courtney

    I love this! Sweaters are so important especially for cold nights or cold plane rides! Love that bag!


    • Teresa

      Aww thank you! I always need a sweater! It’s crazy how cold I get even in the summer. That weekender bag is amazing. I absolutely love it. xo 🙂