Hi! Welcome to Everyday Countess! I am Teresa and have started this blog as a way to document and share all the exciting and (hopefully) fashionable moments of my life! I am a CPA during the day and live in Florida with my husband (Travis), baby boy (Andrew) and puppy (Chester). Being a CPA has its moments, but I have always wanted to find a better outlet for my creative side and am excited to see where my blog takes me.

I am obsessed with bags and shoes and I don’t feel that anyone can ever have enough. My husband disagrees so I try to contain myself, but it’s a daily struggle. My favorite part of each week is Saturday morning when I take my coffee (usually with a touch of Bailey’s) and online shop and pick out the new bag or shoes I want. I don’t always end the weekend with a new purchase, but it’s so much fun to look. I also love food, trying out new recipes at home and spending time with my family and friends.

Everyday Countess is a name that one of my best friends helped me come up with and I think it fits my personality and how I try to live my daily life. Every little girl has a part of her that wants to be a princess (at least I did), but being a countess is much more grown up and somehow a bit fancier. Since most of us will never be given such titles, I feel we should live our lives as if we deserve them. Every part of my day has to have something in it that makes me feel special or at least qualifies as something fun! In my life, this often takes the form of shopping, but whatever works.

I hope my blog provides some laughs and serves as an inspiration for anyone who loves fashion and home life. I am excited to share my stories and hope you enjoy them as well.

Thank you for stopping by!