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Entertainment rules the world. Our lives revolve around the feelings we experience when we hear a song, read an article or watch a video. Entertainment has a knack for bringing up feelings of nostalgia and inspiring people. Songs can bring you back to childhood memories, articles can spark a sense of imagination and videos can inspire even the youngest hearts. Even my one year old is happier when music is playing or bright colors dance upon one of the many hand-held devices scattered about the living room.

What if there was a way to bring all these forms of entertainment together? It makes sense to have one central location that houses your favorite songs, articles and videos. I wasn’t aware of any form of technology that made such forms of entertainment available until recently. I first learned about WEYV through The Newsette and have been playing with the features offered through WEYV over the last week. WEYV is a subscription based app that offers add-free music where you can pick the songs you want, create your own playlist, listen to pre-set stations, and read magazines (video content is coming soon). The WEYV app allows you to listen to music WHILE reading magazines. My favorite time to catch up on magazines is first thing in the morning as I finish my coffee. It’s so relaxing to flip through the pictures of ‘In Style’ before my baby wakes up.

reading magazine entertainment

The first time I used WEYV I listened to the 80’s Smash Hits station. As soon as it started playing, the app suggested the song ‘Runaway’ by Bon Jovi as something I may like. I was hooked. This is one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs and I can never hear it too much. Thank you WEYV for somehow knowing this about me. Once you listen to a few songs or stations on the app, it makes a list of ‘Songs Inspired by You’ which are suggestions that you will probably enjoy! My ‘Runaway’ song was playing below while I was waiting for our babysitter to arrive prior to date night.

entertainment waiting for babysitter in a dressI have included two pictures so you can see some available stations and also a list of suggested songs. By looking at my suggested songs, you might guess that I am in my 60’s. I grew up listening to oldies with my dad so I can’t help it.

entertainment app picture


entertainment app picture

There are a few other points that I want to share with you regarding WEYV:

  1. You can customize playlists by adding songs or entire albums. This is useful if you prefer to listen to different songs with the kids around versus working out. Who really wants to listen to ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ while lifting weights? There are also filtering options to select genres and decades when choosing playlists.
  2. While on the topic of making playlists for kids, it should be noted that WEYV if COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant. My baby is only a year old so he doesn’t know what he listens to yet. I still want to make sure I am playing family friendly songs while he’s awake. He already dances to any music he hears and I prefer his movements be to ‘Rated G’ songs. I was able to have WEYV on in the background during our family bike ride. Andrew is a very serious baby so this is his excited face. andrew on the bike entertainment
  3. WEYV contributes 0.5% of net revenues to deserving charities.
  4. If you download your music and magazines in advance, WEYV is available off-line.
  5. WEYV has different types of subscriptions available based on what each user needs. A subscription can be shared with up to 25 people which could really make for a fun group of playlists!
  6. The subscription provides ‘units’ available for use. For example, if you have 20 units available, it takes 10 units to listen to music so you have 10 units available for use to either read a magazine or for another person on the plan to listen to music. The units will be replenished once the sessions ends.

Now that you know as much about WEYV as I do, I am also giving you a code to try it out free for two months (no credit card information required)!  Follow this link and use code: ​MAKEWEYVS18.

With all forms of entertainment at your fingertips, there are endless ways to fill the day. Whether you find yourself lost in a song or wrapped up in words, I hope you find ways to WEYV!



*This post is in partnership withThe Newsette and WEYV, but the experiences and opinions are my own.

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  • Briana

    Super interesting, I’ll have to give it a try!


    • Teresa

      Thanks Briana! I hope you like it!

  • Shannon

    Woah! This is super cool – it’s legit an app of my two favourite things. I love that it also gives back & the subscriptions can be customizeable. I never heard of it now so I’ll def be giving it a try. Thank you so much for sharing!! Happy Friday love! xx Shannon ||

    • Teresa

      It is really fun! I am so glad you are excited about it! Please let me know how you like it! xo

  • Kristen

    This is such a great app!

    xoxo, Kristen

    • Teresa

      I am so glad you like it!! Enjoy! xo