Fall Bucket List

I realize that we have been in fall for over a month now, but the intense heat in Florida has prevented me from enjoying my favorite time of year. I have come to terms with never seeing the leaves change, but it’s really unacceptable to deal with temperatures in the 80’s at the end of October. I say 80’s, but I am probably being generous. It’s much worse.

In an attempt to move past my issue with the heat and embrace the season change, I put together a fall bucket list! I love anything that has to do with fall – the foods, clothes, activities and holidays. I am late in getting into the spirit, but that doesn’t mean I won’t accomplish every item on this list. I always tell my husband that if he wants me to do something – put it on a list. So fall – here I come! A few items I have crossed off, but I wanted to share my full list in case anyone is like me and a little behind this year.

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch – this is mostly for my little boy. I know he won’t remember, but I want a picture with us sitting near pumpkins. It’s too adorable to pass up. This picture was taken at Cowart Ranch in Florida. It was such a cute place and so fun for kids! We ended up seeing farm animals, lots of pumpkins and a corn maze.

2. Buy a Halloween costume. Since it is Halloween, thankfully I do have one for my baby but not for myself. He’s the most important anyway! This year he will be a superhero! Check out my Instagram for pictures coming!

3. Hay ride. It sounds fun, but this one is up for debate as my husband and I have allergies. Maybe a hay free tractor ride instead?

4. Bake something pumpkin. I love baking, especially this time of year! I am thinking pumpkin cinnamon rolls will be coming to my kitchen soon.

5. Decorate the house. As I write this post, I can say that the house is mostly decorated for Halloween and fall. It took me forever, but I have spiders on curtains and pumpkins everywhere!

6. Make a pie. I have made countless desserts in my day, but for some reason I have never made a pie! I refuse to use store bought pie crust so that’s part of the problem here. I have no problem making the crust, but it does add some prep time.

7. Bake something with apples. I could just make an apple pie and knock two items off my list, but that’s not my style. I did an apple French toast bake for breakfast last week so I guess this does count. I still need an apple dessert though. You will have to excuse the picture as I was too excited to eat it to get anything better.

What is everyone else doing for fall?!

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