Friday Favorites – Bloomingdale’s Private Sale

How was everyone’s week? I felt the constant need for coffee if that tells you how my week went. I wouldn’t categorize it as a particularly stressful week – just exhausting. My little boy spent the week improving his walking skills which is great for him, but adds a little extra element of surprise to the day. It’s amazing how fast he gets around the house. He also seems to love this PVC pipe* in the garage and screams when he sees it. He then takes it and walks up and down the driveway carrying this plastic pipe. It’s so hysterical. He will walk up and down with his pipe for at least an hour.

Thankfully it’s finally Friday which means it’s time for a few of my favorites this week! I am sure most of my friends are aware of the Bloomingdale’s private sale that is going on. For those of you who aren’t sure what this is – I am here to tell you it’s the best sale ever. Bloomingdale’s does this sale a few times throughout the year, but it’s seriously one of my favorites. When you shop, you either receive $25 off almost every $100 you spend or you receive a $25 Bloomingdale’s gift card for every $100 spent. It’s amazing. Many high ticket items fall under the ‘gift card’ category, but who wouldn’t use a Bloomingdale’s gift card?

I put together some of my favorite dresses, shoes and bags from Bloomingdales (all under $150)!

Dresses – Bloomingdale’s Private Sale

I tried to find mostly casual day dresses as those tend to be the most reasonable. I would wear all of these dresses and think they are so pretty! I actually own a few already.

Shoes – Bloomingdale’s Private Sale

I am definitely biased towards summer shoes right now, but all of these are so cute! I think any of these would be an amazing buy.

Bags – Bloomingdale’s Private Sale

Again, I am definitely leaning towards straw and summer bags, but how fun are all of these?

The sale goes through April 30th so you have all weekend to shop! If you are shopping the website and only want items where you receive a discount, be sure to look for the code ‘PRIVATE’. All other items will be eligible for a Bloomingdales gift card. The Bloomingdales sale has so many amazing items so this encompasses all my favorites for the week! I hope everyone has a great weekend!



*I have a PVC pipe in the garage for stretching arms and shoulders since the garage doubles as my gym. If you have ever done CrossFit, then you will understand.

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  • Lindsey

    These are all fantastic picks! And oh boy, best of luck with the little walking boy. 🙂 My nephew is at that stage right now, and it’s quite the change! 🙂

    • Teresa

      Haha thanks Lindsey! It’s such a huge change! I literally can’t do anything now unless he’s sleeping! xo

  • Caitlin Houston

    These picks are AWESOME! I kind of want everything.

    • Teresa

      Aww thank you so much Caitlin! I am so glad you like them!! I really love all the bags!! Trying to contain myself online right now…. xo