Friday Favorites – Straw and Basket Bags

Happy Friday friends! I am starting a new post each week where I will feature some Friday favorites! This post won’t always focus on fashion. I may post my favorite recipe for the week or a new decor item! With so many amazing items available, I thought this would be a fun way to showcase some of my favorite things!

Most of this week I was working on prepping for Andrew’s first birthday party! I have so much work to still do for the party, but am so excited. I will be sure to do a whole post to share all the details of his birthday! While prepping for his party, I have found that no one around me charges reasonable prices to blow up helium balloons. That’s been my biggest hurdle so far. I am sure more issues will come up between now and Saturday afternoon.

Aside from working on a child’s birthday party, I have been constantly looking at straw and basket bags online! These are definitely my favorite items of the week! There are so many fun options! Not to mention, a straw or basket bag seems to be required to post a fashion picture on Instagram for spring/summer. If you don’t believe me, just start scrolling through some blogger’s feeds (including mine). These bags just photograph well and they are fabulous. I feel like I should be walking through a French market every time I carry one.

There are so many straw bags to chose from online. It was hard to narrow a few down to share with you, but I managed. The circle straw bags seem to be the post popular. These are all fabulous and I wish I could buy all of them.

I also put together some of the many options that are available for ark bags as I consider these basket bags. I only have one ark bag, but I do feel that I need so many more. Have you seen the rainbow Cult Gaia bag? It’s definitely one of my most desired pieces. Anyone agree with me?


Those are my Friday favorites for the week! What is something you have been loving this week?



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  • Nicole Fuentes

    Ohhh this post is bad news for me, I have a personal addiction to straw bags, they are so cute! Great picks! Loving the round styles right now.
    xx, Nicole

    • Teresa

      Haha same here!! I love them all!! Thanks so much Nicole! Xo