Pre-Black Friday Favorites!

I had the busiest day! My husband is traveling for work and I had no idea how difficult it would be to prepare for a holiday meal at our house by myself (well with a baby). Somehow I managed to run some last minute errands in between my baby’s nap times and also didn’t forget to pick up the turkey! I even made a few side dishes today to make my life a little easier on Thanksgiving. Despite how busy it is, this is still my favorite time of year. I love the food and I love getting together with my family. It always includes some drama leading up to the big day, but it ends up being fun. My mom insists she will only eat a turkey that has been cooked in a browning bag. I don’t know how many times I have heard about this ‘browning bag’ over the last few days. My dad fusses about the specific type of cranberry sauce served with the meal. He only likes the cranberry jelly in a can. No matter how many different sauces I have tried to give him, he only wants the canned version. I am sure everyone has tried it – it has the ridges of a can on it when it comes out in one piece. My dad also requests one olive and one pickle for his plate. No other time during the year does he eat these items. It’s comical to buy a large jar of olives and then see only one removed until the next holiday meal rolls around. I used to argue about it, but now I just laugh. Of course I try to do accommodate everyone’s requests, but it has taken me all week to make sure I have everything together. All I want for Thanksgiving is some champagne now!

I also love this time of year because there are so many amazing sales! I will not be venturing out into the stores for shopping on Black Friday, but I will be doing some damage online! It’s too hard to get out in the crowds with  my little guy. He only can take so much shopping before he gets fussy.

I have linked some great sale items for all you mama’s out there shopping for your babies! If you are anything like me, you buy more for your baby than yourself!

Here are some cute Christmas pajamas for kids: here, here and here.

Some other adorable pieces for kids: Burberry shirt for boys, Denim Vest Outfit (boys), Boy Overalls, Kate Spade dress, Tartan Ruffle dressFair Isle Dolman SweaterFair Isle Knitted Boots for baby and a Graphic Body Suit and Knit Pants gift set.

I also found some great items for us girls because we all deserve some new pieces for the holidays!

Red Flanel Shirt, Flannel Blanket Scarf, Hooded Frost Free Utility Parka Jacket, Open Front Extra Long Sweater

Merci Long Sleeve Shirt, Boho Shirt, Pink Velvet Boyfriend Top, Swing Dress, Hinge Block Bootie and BP Twist Front Tie Tee

Sam Edelman Booties also here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and finds some amazing items during Black Friday! What stores will you be visiting?


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