St. Simons Travel Guide and Trip Re-cap

I have never done a travel guide before, but I love reading them. Since we just did a family trip to St. Simons, I wanted to put together my St. Simons Travel Guide! This will also serve as a re-cap of our trip! Unfortunately we weren’t able to bring Chester, but one of my best friend’s came along with her baby and husband. We hired a baby-sitter to come also in hopes that we would be able to have multiple date nights and adult time. It was only a 3 hour drive so we timed it with Andrew’s nap and headed north!

I had never been to St. Simons so I wasn’t familiar with the town prior to our trip at all. It is the cutest place and reminded me of so many scenes from The Notebook. Apparently it’s also a golf cart community so we rented a golf cart to drive around town. While the golf cart wasn’t ideal for my hair, we did take it to dinner every night as it was so convenient. If you ever head to St. Simons, I highly recommend a golf cart. This also helped with parking as all the shops are on one street with zero to no parking spots available during the day.

St. Simons Travel Guide – House Rental

St. Simons Travel Guide

St. Simons Travel Guide

With two babies in tow, we needed tons of space and a full kitchen. We also needed a separate room to put Andrew’s pack ‘n’ play in at night. A normal hotel room is never enough for us unless we can find a reasonably priced suite. The best option was a house rental and we found the perfect place within walking distance to the beach. I realize I took pictures of almost every house on our street (a few above). Somehow I never snapped a photo of the house we stayed in. You will have to believe me when I say it was just perfect!

The first day there we spent unpacking and making sure we had enough food and toys for the little ones. The guys went grocery shopping and of course came back with more items than we needed. When is that ever a problem though? I brought a kid’s size picnic table as Andrew outgrew his high chair long ago. It turned out to be the best idea! Even my friend’s little girl loved it. Clearly Andrew is enjoying himself below.

St. Simons Travel Guide

Andrew had a melt down the first night there and refused to stop screaming and go to sleep. I think he was overly tired as he slept fine the rest of the trip. Thank goodness! It’s never fun when he misses a nap or doesn’t get his full 12 hours in at night. I wouldn’t mind 12 hours of sleep at night either so I can’t say I blame him.

St. Simons Travel Guide – What to Wear

St. Simons Travel Guide

St. Simons is a beach town so really anything would work. My recommendation is to bring outfits that are flowy and comfortable. If you are familiar with the south, you know how hot it can get. I would definitely pack lots of coverups, maxi dresses and sandals! The restaurants we ate at really didn’t have strict dress requirements. I brought one pair of heels and only wore them once. Every other night I wore my favorite Tory sandals with my different dresses. I wore this dress to our Italian dinner and had so many compliments! Since that dress is sold out, I found a few similar ones here, here and here. I ate so much the entire week, I had to repeat an outfit as I needed something not too fitted. This was the dress I wore on repeat with this kimono.

St. Simons Travel Guide – Restaurants

St. Simons Travel Guide

St. Simons Travel Guide

St. Simons Travel Guide

We didn’t have dinner reservations for our first night in St. Simons, but we found this amazing seafood place called Iguana’s. I remember my dinner being delicious, but all I really remember from this place was the gigantic serving of scallops my friend ordered! From the menu, you would have no idea you were getting 20 massive scallops on your plate. These scallops were amazing. The scallop picture above only shows those that were remaining after dinner. So. So. Many. After dinner, we headed to St. Simon’s Sweet Shop. I ordered the largest waffle cone with sticky toffee pudding and chocolate ice cream scoops. It was delicious. I really wanted the Jack Daniels pecans, but I had nothing to carry them in. The guys wanted beer so my friend and I took our ice cream cones to the bar next door. Somehow no one even questioned it.

The next day was my husband’s birthday so he picked out the dinner. We ended up going to Tara Thai and Sushi. One half of the table ordered sushi rolls and the other half ordered one too many Thai dishes. I remember enjoying the dishes, but I mostly remember the Mai Thai drink I ordered. Clearly my priorities were skewed that day.

We had dinner reservations the next two nights at Tramici’s and Nancy‘s Both restaurants were really delicious. Tramici’s was Italian and was pretty loud so it would be ideal to bring kids here. Nancy’s was much fancier, but was equally as delicious. Next door to Nancy’s was an upscale boutique that I wish I knew about before dinner. I would’ve loved to have gone shopping, but nothing fit me after the large amount of food I inhaled that night.

The last restaurant recommendation I have is a BBQ place we found our last day – Southern Soul BBQ. It is rated #1 in Southern Living Magazine’s best BBQ and I completely agree! The food was amazing. Between my husband and I, we tried most of the sides and I honestly don’t know if I can pick a favorite. Even if you are passing through St. Simons, you must stop at this restaurant!

St. Simons Travel Guide – Fun Activities

St. Simons Travel Guide

St. Simons Travel Guide

St. Simons Travel Guide

While we had a babysitter, we had to wake her up most of the time to help out. This somewhat cut into our daytime plans, but we still made things work. Most of the time there we spent at the beach. I shared a few beach pictures above. We were able to walk from our rental house to the beach which was ideal. I threw Andrew in the stroller and we were there in less than 5 minutes. The beach was much different than what I am used to in Florida, but it was still fun. Andrew loved it as the water wasn’t too deep and he could splash around.

The guys did sneak in a day of golf. My friend and I booked the longest facial appointment available at a local spa. We went to Island Day Spa and I can’t say enough good things about it! I had the best facial and mini-massage. It was exactly what I needed and even put me to sleep for a few minutes.

Of course I couldn’t go on vacation without some shopping! There was one main street in town with tons of local boutiques. My friend and I stopped in each and every one. I did find a straw hat (which is all I have wanted all summer), but I can’t find it anywhere online to link it for you. I did round up a few equally fun straw hats in my last blog post though!

My favorite shop we found in town was a honey store called Savannah Bee Company. They had so many items that incorporated honey! I bought this cinnamon whipped honey spread. OMG. I could eat it with a spoon. They also had tons of hand creams and skincare items for sale. I really could’ve spent all day in this shop.

If you ever find yourself in St. Simons, I hope you try out some of my recommendations! It’s really a fun and relaxing getaway! Feel free to send any questions you have!

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