Straw Hats Under $100

How was everyone’s 4th of July?! We had a cook-out with family and neighbors and I ate so much food. It was offensive how much I ate. My husband killed it on the grill with hamburgers, hot dogs and ribs. I don’t know why, but all I wanted were hot dogs. I didn’t even look at the burgers or ribs. Hot dog after hot dog was devoured. My healthy friends are shaking their heads in disappointment at me right now. I promise I don’t eat like this every day.

While I talked about making s’mores cupcakes in my last blog post, I ended up making a s’mores cake. All I have to say is OMG. This cake is going down as one of my husband’s favorites. It did require a homemade marshmallow fluff, which was a little intimidating, but it turned out to be delicious! If you do try to make this, store-bought marshmallow cream would work just as well. My husband even took a blow torch to the cake to scorch the marshmallows. The video will be on my Instagram stories later so be sure to check it out!

My neighbors had fireworks down the street that were going off for hours. It sounded like gun-shots outside my house. I felt like I was in a war zone or something. As I didn’t have a baby-sitter, I stood in the driveway and was able to see the bulk of the fireworks display. The street was blocked, which only upset my dad as he was trying to go home from our cook-out. Thankfully the noise didn’t even slightly disturb Andrew because he sleeps like his mama (aka in a coma).

Most of today has consisted of ‘after party clean-up’ and trying to recover from overdosing on hot dogs. We will probably head down to the beach this afternoon, but that will be all my excitement!

I did want to share some straw hats I found while doing my daily online shopping. So many bloggers have these amazing straw hats that look perfect in all their pictures. I am so jealous as all I want is these expensive straw hats. While I was shopping one day, I found a ‘reasonable’ hat for slightly over $100. My husband reminded me that it is straw and probably cost $5 to make. I honestly don’t know if that’s true, but he had a point. The straw hat I finally settled on cost about $20 from a small boutique shop in St. Simons, Georgia. I can’t find the exact hat online, but I did find some really cute ones all at reasonable prices.

This Panama hat from Nordstrom’s looks perfect for the summer! It resembles the $200+ ones I keep seeing on everyone. I found this cute packable straw hat from J Crew┬áthat I probably will order later today. If you need a hat that provides more shade, I found this from Madewell too.

I started this post almost a day ago so now I can share a couple beach photos from yesterday! Andrew was really excited about eating sand unfortunately.

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