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5 Things You Should Do for Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

As spring is wrapping up, I realized I haven’t done my annual spring cleaning yet! Since that will be on my list this week, I am sharing some of my tips for spring cleaning. It’s one of those chores I have a love/hate relationship with. I love knowing my drawers and closets are decluttered and dust-free. It’s almost like a weight has been lifted once …

Bringing Entertainment Together with WEYV


Entertainment rules the world. Our lives revolve around the feelings we experience when we hear a song, read an article or watch a video. Entertainment has a knack for bringing up feelings of nostalgia and inspiring people. Songs can bring you back to childhood memories, articles can spark a sense of imagination and videos can inspire even the youngest hearts. Even my one year old …

How to Host an Oscar Worthy Party at Home

picture of oscars

Does anyone else get excited for award shows? I know I am not alone here. With the Academy Awards coming up, this is the perfect occasion to throw a party! I have some ideas to help throw an amazing Oscar worthy party at home! Dressing up and having cocktails with friends is always a good idea right? My favorite part with awards shows is watching …