Tops to go from the Office to Happy Hour

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When I was little, all I wanted to do was have the perfect business outfit and head off to work with my briefcase. Honestly, I am not sure how many little girls dream about this, but I definitely did. I don’t sit in my fancy office anymore as I do most of my work at home, but I love finding dressy workwear pieces. More specifically, I love finding tops that go from the office to happy hour seamlessly!¬†While it wasn’t always fun to drag myself to my office and spend countless hours staring at excel spreadsheets, I always enjoyed looking professional. I rarely bought new skirts or pants as these closet staples rarely change. Instead I spent all my money on tops that I could wear from the office to happy hour!

My last company required business professional dress. This meant I could never wear sandals or capris. I know most offices allow business casual now so everyone has much more freedom with work clothes. My goal when shopping for work clothes was always to find tops that were perfect with a pencil skirt, but would also go seamlessly with jeans. I am a CPA after-all, so you know I am going to stretch any dollar I spend. Shopping this way made it much easier to run to happy hour from work too. It’s all about priorities right?

office to happy hour pink shirt and striped skirt

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office to happy hour pink shirt and striped skirt

This Ted Baker top was one of my most recent purchases from Nordstrom. I love how bright this shade of pink is! It paired perfectly with my favorite striped skirt for a workday look. I think this outfit would be perfect for a night out too! Or this shirt could be paired with some jeans and pumps for a dressy evening look. The possibilities are endless with this top (in my opinion).

Since I continue to buy shirts that are perfect to transition the office to happy hour, I thought I would put together some ideas for all you working girls out there! The key is to find a cute top that is just dressy enough to not need a blazer. This will make it the perfect item to transition from work to happy hour! Even if you are a stay at home mom though, these shirts are perfect for almost anything except a date at the playground.


What are some of your favorite workwear looks?



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