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I went shopping over the weekend and couldn’t believe it when I saw Valentine’s Day candy and cards everywhere! The Christmas season went by entirely too fast, but I am so excited about planning for Valentines Day! Everything about this holiday is fun – the candy, the excuse to wear pink and all the LOVE! This is the perfect holiday to find unique ways to show your love! I have such fond memories of Valentine’s growing up. My parents always found ways to make me feel special and now I am lucky enough to have a husband who does the same. One of my very first Valentine’s gifts was a heart bracelet from my Dad. He put the bracelet on a little stuffed koala bear and gave it to me for Valentine’s Day. It’s one of my sweetest memories and I cherish that gift because of how loved it made me feel. As I learned growing up, the best way to make someone feel special is to find unique ways to show your love. Everyone loves being surprised with a thoughtful present and it is even more exciting when the surprise is unique and personalized! JORD specializes in unique and personalized watches for both men and women. There are few gifts that could be better than a gorgeous timepiece for Valentine’s Day and that’s why I was ecstatic when JORD wanted to team up with me for their Valentine’s Campaign and Giveaway!  I haven’t seen a watch on their website that I didn’t love! A gorgeous JORD timepiece would be the best way to show your love to that special someone in your life. JORD will also engrave the words ‘I Love You’ on any watch! You can’t beat a unique watch for Valentine’s Day. Consider this my gift to you all!

JORD Watch in box and flowers

JORD watch with box open

The watch shown above is the FRANKIE Purpleheart and Plum. When I first saw this watch nestled so carefully in JORD’s exquisite wooden box, I instantly fell in love. Purpleheart wood is sourced from the Solomon Islands and has a naturally rich purple color. I love anything in this color family and with a slightly pink face, I knew it was the perfect watch for me. The colors fit so seamlessly with my style. This watch can go with formal as well as casual looks which is exactly what every girl needs. The round face and gold trim add such a classic touch to the design. This is the first wood watch I have ever owned and I feel like such a lucky girl to be able to wear this chic timepiece. This watch adds a beautiful pop of color to any outfit and would be a stylish way to show your love this Valentine’s Day!

Jumpsuit with JORD box

Watch on arm with jumpsuitThe colors on this watch are perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months. I plan to wear this with plenty of pastels and use this as my pop of color for any black and white outfit. The Purpleheart wood color would also be gorgeous with all my neutral looks as well!  I have styled this watch with a dressy striped jumpsuit above for a night on the town.


JORD watch with black and white top

JORD watch with black and white top and jeansI also paired this watch with a casual black and white top and jeans. This is my go-to look for a day full of ‘mom errands’!

If you are like me and want to add a stylish and unique watch to your wardrobe, you should enter in the GIVEAWAY! All entrants will receive a 10% off instant coupon code, but one lucky winner will be chosen at the end of the contest to receive a $100 credit towards the purchase of a JORD watch! The contest ends 2/2/18 so what are you waiting for?! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this is the perfect chance to find a unique gift to show your love for that someone special in your life! Don’t forget that JORD also offers engravings on their watches which is a great touch to an already fabulous gift.



In addition to entering, be sure to check out JORD’s website to browse their amazing collection of men’s and women’s watches. There are so many options and beautiful designs that would be the perfect way to show your love for a significant other, family member or even yourself! JORD watches are made of only 100% natural wood. They do not use toxic chemicals to treat or protect the wood.


watch and candles

Please feel free to comment below with any questions you might have! Don’t forget to share this with a friend or special someone so they can start shopping for Valentine’s Day early! Good luck!

Today’s blog post is in partnership with JORD, but all opinions are my own.



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