Friday Favorites – Statement Earrings

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I am hoping the upcoming weekend is much more relaxing than the previous one. My mom fell off the back of a truck and busted her head open last Sunday. Thankfully she’s doing fine now, but it was an awful time. My plans this weekend consist of relaxing and sitting by the pool. One of my goals back in January was to read more so maybe I can finally start doing that since it is somehow already June!

Since it’s Friday, it’s time for Friday favorites! This week I am all about statement earrings! This trend reminds me of the chunky earrings everyone wore in the 90’s. Did anyone shop at 5-7-9 back when they were little? If not that just means I am older than I realized. They had the best chunky earrings! I had so many pairs. I never thought this trend would come back, but it definitely has and it’s such a fun one! From what I remember, the 90’s chunky earrings didn’t include tassels so at least that is new. If it’s not – don’t burst my bubble.

statement earrings statement earrings

There are quite a few options this season with statement earrings. I have been hesitant to add statement earrings to my wardrobe as my hair tends to get stuck in them and my baby likes to pull them. I broke down and bought some though! It’s impossible to not jump on this trend. You could do bright colors, tassels, or more neutral streamlined pieces. I can’t decide which look is my favorite as I love them all. With the temperatures spiking up in Florida, my hair will be up for the next few months. Enter lots of earring wearing for this girl.

Here are a few options for bright colors:

If you saw my most recent post, you saw my collection of tassel earrings under $50 that I rounded up for you!

statement earrings

I also have been loving more neutral pieces. I think these would be easier to include in any look since you don’t have to worry about color clashing. The clear chunky hoops are my absolute favorite!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! I hope you have a wonderful weekend (everything in my pictures is linked below)!

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  • Caroline Agoba

    I’m so drawn to the yellow draping earrings. These are all beautiful!

    • Teresa

      Thank you so much Caroline! I just love yellow this season too! xo

  • Stephanie | Tutor in Tinseltown

    I definitely went through my statement earring phase, but now I’m more into statement necklaces, they can completely dress up the simplest of T-shirts!

    • Teresa

      I love statement necklaces too!! They are so fun and really do add something to outfits! Now you have me wanting those 😉

  • Lara | Grits in the City

    I’ve moved away from larger earrings since our son used to pull them (HARD) when he was a baby. Now that he’s older, this post has me wanting to pull them back out. Love those vibrant hot pink tassel ones!

    • Teresa

      I love the pink ones too!! I have been hesitant because of my son but since he’s finished nursing, he doesn’t have quite as many opportunities to pull my ears. He hates being held so while that makes me sad, I do get to wear earrings again 😉 xo

  • Doma |

    Ohh, I love danglers it’s like I can’t get enough but since having kids I have stopped wearing them as they keep pulling it and I always lose one of it.

    But these pictures are reminding me that I gotta get some new pairs. They are so gorgeous.

    • Teresa

      Thank you! Haha I am in the same boat! My little buy loves pulling my earrings. He’s getting better so I am trying these out right now. Hopefully I love the metallic ones so much!! xo

  • Ema

    LOVE this. I have SUCH a thing for statement earrings atm!!! So these are gorge!!!!

    • Teresa

      Aww thank you so much! It was hard to narrow down only a few to post! I love the metallic and neutral ones. I may buy them all. xo 🙂