How to Host an Oscar Worthy Party at Home

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Does anyone else get excited for award shows? I know I am not alone here. With the Academy Awards coming up, this is the perfect occasion to throw a party! I have some ideas to help throw an amazing Oscar worthy party at home! Dressing up and having cocktails with friends is always a good idea right? My favorite part with awards shows is watching all the gorgeous dresses come down the red carpet. It is so much fun to see all the fashion and pretend I am an expert as I offer comments and critiques to my husband (who really could care less about the whole event). I haven’t had time to watch any of the movies that have been nominated this year so I have zero opinions on who should win. I do however look forward to seeing what everyone is wearing!

In full disclosure, all the pictures in this post were taken before I was blogging so I apologize for the quality (the picture with the Oscars was obviously not from my home as I pulled this from the internet). These were also not for an actual ‘Oscar’ party. My husband and I host an annual party with varying themes. The last party we had was ‘Hollywood’ themed and everyone had to dress up as their favorite movie couple or movie character. The decor just happens to be perfect for an Oscar worthy party at home so I am sharing my ideas! Two of my best friends helped me with all the party decor. They really should be in the party planning business.

Oscar worthy party at home

Oscar worthy party at home

No Oscar worthy party at home would be complete without a grand entrance.  We had a Hollywood sign in our front yard and paparazzi by the front door. For the Hollywood sign, we bought wooden letters and glued them on wooden spikes that thankfully stayed in the ground. The paparazzi came from Amazon and we backed them up with cardboard so they stood up-right. We also put strobe lights where the cameras should be so lights were going off as people arrived. This was a serious party.

Oscar worthy party at home

Of course you need some red carpet. This was a large piece of felt material purchased from JoAnn’s fabrics. Then we placed large gold stars up and down the red carpet because why not. The red carpet picture was taken after the party so the stars were a little misaligned. I am surprised they were even remotely close to the red carpet by the next morning.

Oscar worthy party at home entryway

I also changed the decor in my entryway to be more ‘Hollywood’ themed. The movie books on the sofa table were in my parent’s house when I was little and I used to always love flipping through the pictures. They worked perfectly with the Hollywood movie theme! The rest of the decor I actually had in my guest closet. Apparently I love decor items that make great accents for an Oscar worthy party at home.

Oscar worthy party at home

Oscar worthy party at home

We tweaked the decor on the bar and in the guest bathroom. These little accent items were from Homegoods and Hobby Lobby. You will have to excuse the reflection in the mirror. I wanted to at least show all the details in hopes you can ignore my picture in the background.


Oscar worthy party at home champagne

The champagne table was definitely my favorite! My friend had tons of champagne flutes that we set up in the kitchen. We kept champagne chilled all night and had fake rose petals all around.

Oscar worthy party at home awards table

You need an award for any Oscar themed party. We set up a voting box for best costume. Everyone voted and the winner received a Ken doll spray painted gold with a bouquet of roses glued to his head. As I said before, the party was Hollywood themed and everyone had to dress up as a movie character. The winner for best costume went to my friend who dressed up as an Avatar. She painted her whole face blue and had fake teeth in the whole night. It was impressive.

Oscar worthy party at home costume

My husband and I dressed up as Princess Leia and Hans Solo from Star Wars. I found both our costumes on Amazon. My husband does not do dress up for any theme, but he did put the vest and shirt on so I could get a picture. He then went back to normal clothes. I was just happy he was a good sport for a few minutes.

This was the best party and everyone had a fantastic time! I hope these ideas are helpful for anyone who wants to host an Oscar worthy party at home! Before the week gets away from you, take my ideas and go buy some decor!



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  • Ilse

    Lol to the paparazzi in the bushes. It’s super cute 🙂

    xo, Ilse

    • Teresa

      Haha that made me laugh every time I looked at it lol. Thanks babe!

  • Ivana

    This is amazing! What a fun idea! Love love love your blog… and unfortunately you may have pushed me to buy those pink ugg slippers in your Vday post…

    • Teresa

      Aww you are the sweetest!! Thank you so much Ivana!! Those slippers are so cute right?! xo

  • Briana

    Hope you had fun! Award shows are the best!


    • Teresa

      It was so much fun! I love seeing everyone dress up 🙂

  • Kayla

    This is such a cute idea! I love all of the little touches that you added throughout the party!!

    xo Kayla

    • Teresa

      I am glad you liked it!! It was so much fun to do! xo

  • Lydia

    This is such a great idea!! Love it!


    • Teresa

      Thank you so much! It was such a fun time!!