Thanksgiving Dressing (for you not the bird)

When I was little, my parents used every Thanksgiving as an opportunity for a family picture. It wasn’t so bad in the years prior to high school as we all had matching outfits and would pose in the living room and everyone was happy. These lovely portraits would then get sent out to family members across the country so they could see how we all grew in the prior year. Once we all were well into our teenage years, we became a little more concerned with how we looked in the pictures or in my brother’s case, slept through the entire holiday. My sister and I would argue over which picture would be used to send out as we weren’t looking ‘our best’ in the same picture. If only I looked like I was 15 now…..

Once college came, it was more important to go out and have drinks the night before Thanksgiving so no one even wanted to take our pictures the next morning. It was a rough sight. This led to my parents discontinuing the annual photo shoot. Over a decade has gone by since we stood in my parents living room and posed for our annual picture. We all joke about it, but secretly, everyone misses the whole experience. I can still almost see 10 or more photos scattered across the kitchen counter while my sister and I debated over which one we both looked amazing in. Once we would agree on one – my parents decided they liked a completely different one. Total chaos.

Even though we don’t take pictures anymore, we all still feel the need to dress up for Thanksgiving. You never know when Dad might whip out his iPhone and decide pajamas are good enough to post to his Facebook page. My holiday attire has definitely changed over the years, but I do my best to feel dressed up while being able to cook and eat as much as possible. I laugh at the memory of myself wearing tight pants and fitted tops so many years ago. Never again. I have thought about getting my maternity pants out this year, but I feel that would just make it too easy to over-eat.

I included a few outfit options that are great for fall, but also comfortable for a big meal! I will most likely be wearing my swing dress option.

This outfit is great if it’s a little cool out as the scarf is so warm, but also hides a huge meal.

BCBG shirt, Rag and Bone jeans (similar here), BP Scarf (old but similar here) and Vince Camuto Booties (on sale!)

This outfit is perfect for us Florida girls who have cool mornings and evenings, but extremely warm afternoons.

Old Navy shirt, AG Jeans (other option here), BP Sweater (old but similar here and here) and Stuart Weitzman booties (old but other options here, here and here).

This is my favorite dress right now and these boots go with absolutely anything!

Old Navy Swing dress (other option here and here) and Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots (less expensive option here).

Did anyone else go through annual family picture fun? I hope everyone has a wonderful Turkey Day!

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