Smile for the Camera – Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

How many times do we hear someone say ‘smile for the camera’, ‘say cheese’, ‘show me those pearly whites‘? The list goes on of corny sayings to get people to smile, but you get my point. It’s a common request and with 100% of people walking around with cameras in their pockets, we are always being photographed (whether we know it or not sometimes). This is especially true of anyone in the blogging world. How many pictures do we take in a given week? It’s crazy to me how many pictures I have on my phone with different outfits, poses, etc. With so much photography going on, I realized I spend countless hours focusing on my outfit, lighting, make-up, and backgrounds. For some reason, I haven’t thought about the one thing that really can make or break a picture – my smile!

smile for the camera

When Smile Brilliant reached out to me to partner up on this post, I was so excited! I was also a little ashamed that I hadn’t thought of focusing on the quality of my smile until now. My smile is in 90% of my pictures and with the amount of coffee and wine I drink, the color of my teeth is not ideal. I know all my mom friends understand the importance of coffee and wine. You probably also are now wondering how discolored your teeth are. I did some reading on Smile Brilliant’s website and learned that teeth are like sponges. This means they will absorb anything with dark colors. These stains will also never go away unless we take action to remove them (enter Smile Brilliant).

smile for the camera

Professional teeth whitening never seemed to be something that I could fit into my routine or my budget! I always thought I had to spend a fortune at the dentist’s office to receive a professional whitening service. This is simply not true! Smile Brilliant offers professional teeth whitening kits that can be used in the comfort of your home for a fraction of what it will cost at the dentist! As a busy mom on the go, I love anything I can do at home. The Smile Brilliant routine fit perfectly into my day. I was able to whiten while doing chores. I didn’t have to smile for the camera while picking out my Instagram outfits for the week or while catching up on my favorite book in my new favorite romper (as shown below).

smile for the camera

The Smile Brilliant whitening kit includes whitening syringes, desensitizing syringes, and everything you need to create the molds that Smile Brilliant will use for your custom teeth whitening trays. It also includes instructions for every part of the process. Once you create the molds for your whitening trays, you mail these out and wait for your custom fitted trays. Using these trays for whitening is so much more efficient than any other at home whitening kit I have seen. These trays cover every tooth and the whitening gel can reach every nook and cranny in your mouth. The result is a fully whitened smile!

smile for the camera smile for the camera smile for the camera

I used the whitening trays nightly for two weeks. I had slight gum sensitivity after the first couple nights, but then the sensitivity disappeared. While you can whiten any time of day, I preferred to do it at night so I didn’t introduce any new foods or stains in my mouth for at least eight hours after whitening. Nights are also my most productive as my baby goes to bed early. I would pop my whitening trays in and knock off tasks on my ‘to-do’ list all while I whitened! My teeth are noticeably whiter and much less dull. It’s such a treat to have a brighter smile and makes me so much more confident when I hear someone say smile for the camera! See my before and after results below:

smile for the camera

smile for the camera

If you have any questions about the teeth whitening process with Smile Brilliant, I would love to answer them! I also suggest you check out the following article on 10 Facts Everyone Should Know About Teeth Whitening. This is very informative and will be helpful for anyone thinking about starting the whitening process. For my followers interested in natural ways to whiten your teeth, I have found the perfect post written by the lovely Jen Miller here! I never realized how many simple and natural ways existed to whiten my teeth! The next time you hear someone say ‘smile for the camera’ – I hope you will be as confident as I am with my new smile!

smile for the camera

Good Luck!

**Today’s blog post is in partnership with Smile Brilliant, but all opinions are my own. I received these products for free for review purposes.



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  • Samary

    This is great! My teeth are super sensitive ugh! thank you fit sharing.

    • Teresa

      Mine are too! This really didn’t bother my teeth. It also comes with a desensitizing gel which helps too! xo 🙂

  • Arielle Ralha

    I always wanted to try their products!

    • Teresa

      I am so happy with my results! Definitely a great product! xo